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Thank you for visiting our website. MAK Mortgage Company, Inc. is a fully licensed mortgage broker providing residential mortgages throughout the State of Connecticut.  It is our goal to assist you with your mortgage needs as quickly as possible.  We strive to offer you personal mortgage service throughout the mortgage process and educate you with any of the mortgage details you
might have.  We look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can help you with your new mortgage purchase or refinancing needs in CT.

Expert mortgage advice simply explained to you!

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Conforming and Jumbo Loans.  Fixed and Adjustable rate mortgages.

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***New Home Loan Purchase Mortgage***
Call us to discuss the current mortgage interest rates.  Using our mortgage calculator, we can assist you in estimating downpayment requirements, total settlement costs including closing costs and prepaid expense items, and your monthly housing payment.  Look at different downpayment scenarios which can affect your overall mortgage payment and different mortgage insurance coverage requirements if necessary.

***Refinancing Home Mortgage including Debt Consolidation and Cash Out***
Consider rolling in multiple debt obligations or cash out refinance and we can offer helpful information as you determine the most appropriate mortgage lending program to fit your needs.

MAK Mortgage Company, Inc.

31 Woodland Street, Suite MMA

Hartford, CT  06105

CT DOB NMLS #103552



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